About Purely CBD

PurelyCBD is a non-cannabis CBD (cannabidiol) wellness products company. We are dedicated to providing increased awareness of CBD and its benefits for both humans and pets.

- Our founders have a passion for people to yield the highest quality of Pure CBD product solutions.
- PurelyCBD exercises meticulous care from organically grown CBD hemp plants to final products
- Plants are organically grown in locations isolated from wind-borne pesticides and other pollutants
- We have a 20,000 square foot state-certified organic facility for our mother plants and baby clones
- Over 2 million clones will be grown to maturity in 2018; also on target for 4 million plants grown in 2019
- Our certified organic plants are grown free of pollutants and agricultural and domestic pesticide spraying
- Our products are created in ISO certified and food grade production facilities with high GLP standards observed.
- We are pleased to manufacture 99%+ pure isolates free of any THC
- Some CBD products are supplemented with natural terpenes for enhanced therapeutic benefits
- Raw materials and final products are USA laboratory tested at high-quality standard laboratories

While we cannot make claims as to the effects of CBD, Cannabidiol oil, or hemp CBD oil, we are well aware of strong testimonies, reputable research results by NIH and medical universities and continued research that makes us strong advocates for our CBD products. We recommend that our customers search independently for the benefits of CBD before purchasing. We take great pride in our customer service and timely response to orders and questions.